Sunday, March 11, 2018


Physiotherapists certified for Mirror Therapy at Dr. Miroslav Zotović Rehabilitation Clinic
Mirror Therapy Adria instructor, Jasmin Avdović, in conjunction with head therapist Anđelka Pjanović and colleagues, Smiljka Pavlović and Milan Kecman of the Physiotherapy Department of Dr. Miroslav Zotović Rehabilitation Clinic, organized a successful, full day MT Workshop at the clinic in Belgrade-Republic of Serbia, on March 03, 2018.
Instructor Jasmin Avdović Guiding MT Workshop Participant

As always, the main educational target was phantom limb pain and phantom limb sensation and how the method of Mirror Therapy based on ETPP guidelines, deals with those problems. Spasticity affecting limb function and CRPS in persons suffering from hemiparesis, as n.fecialis paralysis, were also shown be helped with Mirror Therapy to achieve rehabilitation goals.

The outcome was that twenty-five Serbian physiotherapists were certified as Mirror Therapists, Seventeen attendants were from within the clinic, and the remainder from northern and central Serbia. Three of these physiotherapists were from the near-by Prosthetic Clinic.

Workshop Participants Involved in MT Procedures
Congratulations are in order for the following new mirror therapists: 

1. Milan Kecman 2. Smiljka Pavlović 3. Nina Lačanski 4. Jelena Mucić 5. Branko Lazić 6. Vladimir Klačar 7. Dragomir Trninić 8. Ivana Trbojević 9. Branka Vučković 10. Milena Stojković 11. Jelena Jovanović 12. Zoran Gligorić 13. Slavica Gligorić 14. Nevena Vuković 15. Vesna Krstić 16. Branka Iljoska 17. Marjan Drobnjaković 18. Nina Karanov 19. Anđelka Pjanović 20. Sanja Spasić 21. Jovana Filipović 22. Vesna Kuljić 23. Nataša Cvetković 24. Nataša Stevović 25. Mirjana Vitaz

Since 2016, the time of the last Mirror Therapy Workshop held in Serbia, the number of certified Mirror Therapy practitioners in the country has jumped from six to thirty-one. This rise might be partially credited to the costs of the education unexpectedly becoming available as government scholarships.