Friday, June 1, 2012

Your Vote Needed by June 7 For ETPP to Win $5000

End The Pain Project Needs Your Vote by June 7 to Win $5000 for 2012 Amputee Projects in Rwanda & Indonesia

Moira Judith Mann, Co-Founder of End The Pain Project,has been selected as a finalist in the first online Marigold Ideas For Good Contest - , one of 15 innovative people making a remarkable difference in their community or the larger world. The prize is $5,000. Starting May 31, all finalists are featured on the Marigold Ideas For Good Contest for a round of public voting from May 31-June 7.

And that's where you come in -- to cast your vote each day through June 7, and also urge your friends to vote daily for Moira Judith Mann before the contest ends at  

What will End The Pain Project achieve when Moira Judith wins?

When you vote for Moira Judith Mann, you are voting to help End The Pain Project win $5,000. This prize will be dedicated In 2012-13 to:

  • Bring Mirror Therapy training workshops to facilitators and amputees in Indonesia. Loss of limbs in Indonesia are due to the 2005 tsunami, road accidents, leprosy and other diseases.
  • Send unbreakable mirrors to amputees in Rwanda along with Mirror Therapy training materials. Jean De Dieu Tuyisenge, a Rwandan-Canadian who lost a leg as the result of a machete attack, is currently helping End The Pain Project to network with rehabilitation and health centers that assist some of the 26,000 Rwandan amputees. Most are survivors of the 1994 genocide.
This contest is pretty cool, right? Of course, we can only win the $5,000 if you and your friends vote each day for Moira Judith Mann before the June 7th midnight deadline! Thanks for your support!

for further information about ETPP, please click and

Thank you for your support!