Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ETPP Mirror Therapy Workshop Focuses On Cardiovascular Amputees

Vascular Amputee uses Mirror

A recent Mirror Therapy Training Workshop at Holy Family Hospital, Vancouver, B.C.  for thirteen staff members focused on Mirror Therapy for Cardiovascular amputees.

A physiotherapist at Holy Family noted that her cardiovascular amputee clients usually suffer less intense pain in their phantom limbs than clients who were involved in a traumatic accident, perhaps because they do not carry a 'frozen' image connected to their phantom limb. 

The volunteer, a recent below knee amputee had been experiencing disruptive sleep because of phantom pain. Further investigation determined that he sensed his foot and toes contracted into his knee stump, a situation which would have complicated the mirror therapy treatment. 

Working as a team, the trainer and amputee brought the phantom limb down to the level of the intact limb. This adjustment will also help balance when learning to walk with a new prosthetic.

If neuropathy is evident in the 'intact' foot of a cardiovascular amputee, it may present further complications. A possible solution is for the client to wear a plain sock on the intact foot so that the mirror image limb is believable.