Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mirror Therapy Adria Holds Successful Mirror Therapy Workshop in Fojnica

From left to right (standing) as Emira Klisura-Bosnia, Samra Karač-Bosnia, Antonela Pavić-Croatia, Tarik Žetica-Bosnia, Matej Bedenik-Slovenia, Edis Kozić-Bosnia; (seated) Jasmin Avdović-Mirror therapy Adria MT trainer, Nikola Dobrijević-Croatia

On October 17, 2015, Mirror Therapy Adria organized a Mirror Therapy Workshop for Physical Therapy Practitioners in the central Bosnian town of Fojnica. The town is well known for the biggest thermal and rehabilitation spa center in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Most amputees in Bosnia and Herzegovina have used the services of this thermal spa center at least once. Most return on a regular annual basis for continuing treatment.

Recently this thermal spa become the site where all persons with war related injuries including traumatic amputations are transferred from Libya to receive proper rehabilitation treatments. So it is not strange that there is a high interest in Mirror Therapy education and implementing it as regular daily based treatment at the spa.

Participants of the full day MT education according to End The Pain Project guidelines, received MT certificates entitling them to practice as mirror therapists. The Workshop was successfully led by Adria Mirror Therapy trainer, Jasmin Avdović.

The participants came from Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring Republic of Croatia and Republic of Slovenia. The participants from Croatia and Slovenia are the first mirror therapists in their countries.