Saturday, March 19, 2016

Volunteer Mirror Therapy Workshop in Kageyo, Rwanda

Participants in Kagayo ETPP Volunteer Peer-To-Peer Mirror Therapy Workshop
Jean Luc Ngarambe, Coordinator for ETPP-Africa, presented a Peer-to-Peer Mirror Therapy Workshop to 42 volunteers in Kagayo, Rwanda on March 15, 2016.

The object of the Workshop was to train these volunteers so that they could effectively administer Mirror Therapy to amputees suffering Phantom Limb Pain in their respective communities.

These volunteers included 25 lower limb amputees, 15 upper limb amputees and 2 lower trans amputees.

After Jean Luc Ngarambe made his presentation, the volunteers met in smaller groups to exchange ideas about bringing Mirror Therapy to their communities and developing suggestions that would be of value, including development of volunteer kits containing a mirror, a volunteer badge , a record booklet and a small bag to carry materials; keeping regular communication and holding an evaluation meeting in a few months.