Friday, May 16, 2014

Mirror-Adria a registered Bosnian organization to offer Mirror Therapy Training Workshops

 Mirror-Adria, a rehabilitation training group  has been registered by physiotherapist Jasmin Adovic to address the problem of phantom limb pain for Bosnian amputees. Sarajevo alone, has over 50,000 people with permanent disabilities as a direct consequence of injuries from 1992-1995. This data does not include the numbers of wounded soldiers, including amputees who suffer with phantom limb pain.

Mirror-Adria, endorsed by End The Pain Project (ETPP), will bring Mirror Therapy training workshops to rehabilitation therapists in the Adria region as follows:
Bosnia - end of 2014
Montenegro - April 18, 2015
Serbia-May - June 2015
Macedonia - some time at the end of 2015

Graduates of the Mirror-Adria Training Workshops will receive Certificates of Completion issued by ETPP which will allow them to both administer mirror therapy and to train other professional therapists, amputees and family members or friends of amputees who suffer phantom limb pain. 

Jasmin Adovic, founder of Mirror Therapy Adria at far left with graduates of the September 2013 ETPP Mirror Therapy Training Workshop

Adovic recently created a FaceBook group, Mirror Therapy Adria. It has attracted over 500 members and more are coming, all with days of its inception!