Saturday, May 4, 2013

Your Donation = A Pain-Free Life

Dear Friend,

That's Tanja H. smiling at you -- she's a Bosnian amputee, happy to be free of long-term Phantom Limb Pain after experiencing guided Mirror Therapy!

Over 80% of amputees in third world countries affected by land mines, war, and disease experience pain in the missing limb. This pain is called Phantom Limb Pain and can be agonizing, interfering with all aspects of life.This pain can be experienced decades after the amputation operation. Suffering is the same anywhere in the world.

Phantom Limb Pain can be safely eliminated in just four weeks with Mirror Therapy. The techniques are simple and non-invasive. The mirror's reflection of the patient’s good limb engaged in specific movements retrains the brain’s sensory pathways and releases the pain. Over 1,000 amputees have successfully undergone Mirror Therapy treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

    End The Pain Project (ETPP) trains and supports small grassroots teams of medical clinicians to deliver these non-invasive Mirror Therapy techniques and related information to amputees in hard-hit third world countries.

     In 2011-12, ETPP trained and certified 100 doctors, physical therapists and prosthetists in Vietnam and 36 physical therapists in Cambodia. This year, End The Pain Project brings mirrors and training workshops to Rwanda and Bosnia, where many survivor-amputees from the 1990 conflicts still suffer Phantom Limb Pain. Your thoughtful contribution to either project goes directly to logistical support, training, tools and other needs and is tax-deductible.

Consider honoring your Mom for Mother's Day with a donation to ETPP -- she'll be proud of you! Just click the yellow button on our ETPP website.

Thank you!

Moira Mann, Co-Founder
End The Pain Project