Monday, March 28, 2016

First Mirror Therapy Education Workshop Held in The Republic of Serbia

Participants in the Belgrade Serbia Mirror Therapy Workshop

A joint effort of the Belgrade-Serbia Association for Medical Training and Education, Deus, and Mirror Therapy Adria from Sarajevo-Bosnia (as the ETPP Mirror Therapy education provider for the Adria region) , organized the first mirror therapy education ever to be held in Republic of Serbia on March 20, 2016, in the FizioBalans Center based in Belgrade.
The health care system of Republic of Serbia can now offer an effective technique for treating phantom limb pain and phantom limb sensation as well as treatment of complex regional pain syndrome, spasticity and facial nerve paralysis.

The educational workshop led by Mirror Therapy Adria trainer Jasmin Avdović, was well adopted and understood, as the participants raised many questions transforming it in to a true interactive professional event .

Certified Serbian Mirror Therapists with Adria Trainer, Jasmin Avdović
Internationally recognized certificates were issued to the first Mirror Therapists of the Republic of Serbia:
  1. Ljiljana Katunac-FizioBalans-Belgrade
  2. Mirjana Vujasinović-FizioBalans-Belgrade
  3. Branka Čirić-Institute for Mental Health
  4. Snežana Bičanin-Clinic for Child Habitation and Rehabilitation
  5. Jelena Kuč-Military Medical Academy - Belgrade
  6. Nataša Živaljević-Military Medical Academy-Belgrade
  7. Danijela Vasič Đukanović-Gerontology Center Beograd
  8. Vesna Paušić
  9. Danijela Trandafilović