Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mirror Therapy Training Workshop held in Macedonia a first!

Šejla Imamovic
Mirror Therapy Adria member, Šejla Imamovic recently conducted a Mirror Therapy Training Workshop  as part of the official First Physiotherapy Congress of the Republic of Macedonia in the capitol city of Skopje.

Macedonian physiotherapists at Mirror Therapy Training Workshop
All twenty-five attendant physiotherapists participated interactively during this workshop, showing great enthusiasm for using this technique with both amputees suffering phantom limb pain and clients suffering hemiplegia.

Though the Republic of Macedonia suffered a only a brief time of conflict in the 90's, numerous land minefields were laid down, which caused some Macedonians to lose limbs.

Mirror therapy Adria plans to certify physiotherapists from the Republic of Macedonia this year so that Mirror Therapy as initiated by End The Pain Project will be spread throughout the former Yugoslavia.